Prague tours

Morning tour

Avoid the noisy crowds and enjoy Prague
in the morning.
This tour gives you the unique opportunity to take great photos of historical monuments and romantic hidden places. It is worth to get up early and experience the awakening of the city.
I will also be more than pleased to fully customize this tour according to your wishes.
Duration: 2 hours

Prague introduction tour

Is it your first time in Prague? This tour is specially designed for the first time visitors.
It provides a unique opportunity to experience Czech culture and history. Naturally, you will get the chance to visit the most popular sights, such as the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, etc.
After this tour you will be ready to explore Prague on your own.
Do you have any special requirements? I will be pleased to create a tour specifically for you!
Duration: minimum 3 hours

Discover Prague

The best option for those of you who want to experience a full general overview of Prague.
This tour will cover the most popular Prague attractions such as the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Lesser Town, Jewish Town, the Dancing house etc. Great choice for travellers who want to see Prague in one day.
I will also be more than pleased to fully customize this tour according to your wishes.
Duration: minimum 5 hours

Prague Castle tour

Explore the largest Castle complex in the World from inside and outside.
We will visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the Basilica of St. George, the Old Royal Palace and the Golden Lane. Prague Castle was founded in the 9th century and its history and majestic beauty will take your breath away.
No visit to Prague would be complete without visiting interiors of the Castle.
Duration: 2 hours

Ghost tour

Let me lead you through the mysterious cobblestoned streets of Prague.
The ghostly tales will transport you back to the past toancient Prague. Great tour for those who want to experience the city from a unique perspective are not afraid of the dark…
Duration: 2 hours

WW2 and communism tour

An overview of what living in the Czech Republic was like under the Nazi occupation and the communist regime.
This is not a typical sightseeing tour as it includes mainly places linked to the 20th century history. Authentic facts about propaganda, traveling abroad or economy will provide you with a whole new point of view.
Duration: 2 hours